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15 Cats Sleeping In Weird Places

Posted by Andrew Harms on

15 Cats That Are Sleeping In Awkward Places

We have all seen cats sleeping where ever since they do sleep a lot, but some of the places they crash are amazingly uncomfortable looking. I guess people have been there during their college days passing out where ever but these cats take it to a whole new level! We hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

This one looks like it's neck is a bit scrunched but hey to each their own.

Cat sleeping outside

This one looks comfortable but what an odd place to take a nap.

Cat sleeping in plants

There has to be a better place then on the planters.

Cat sleeping on planters

That doesn't even look comfortable at all!

Cat sleeping in planter

This one is not sleeping but judging by the eyes I'm sure it's close. Rubber cat!

Cat stretching off balcony

That just looks awkward and not cozy at all!

Cat sleeping under tree

Not even sure how this one got there but it looks comfy.

Kitten sleeping in hanging plant

Seems like more headroom is needed for this spot.

cat sleeping in weird place

Well, this could be a cat Yoga position.

Cat sleeping in yoga box

Wouldn't it be better to the right more? I suppose it warmer there though!

Cat sleeping on a dvd player

Warm spot again we are guessing.

Cat sleeping on routers

Keeping with the warm theme I bet that why this one is there.

Cat sleeping on a radiator

There really has to be a better spot for shut-eye!

Cat sleeping in a odd spot

This one must be really sleepy to fall asleep in here.

Cat sleeping in brick opening

Our top pick is this one sleeping on a ladder and part of the fence. WoW!

Cat sleeping on a ladder

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment with your favorite or if your cat sleeps in an odd place.


By: Andy Harms
Bow Chicka Meow Meow