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15 Funny Cat Gifs To Brighten Your Day

Posted by Andrew Harms on

15 Funny Cat Gifs To Brighten Your Day

We all get caught up in life and sometimes forget to laugh so here are 15 hilarious cat gifs for you to enjoy. Cats have a way of brightening even the worst day.

#15 Snow fort for a cat.

cat in a snow fort

#14 Never gets old.

cats being scared

#13 Cat in a box!

jack in the box cat

#12 Hmmm not sure about this one.

cat drinking water

#11 Hold ON!!

kitten playing with dog

#10 That's so mean.

cat scares another cat

#9 Wow this cat can JUMP!

cat jumping

#8 Are you threatening me?

funny cat gif

#7 Beanbag bomb!

cat jumping into a bean bag

#6 Awwww so sleepy

sleepy kitten gif

#5 Almost! I hope he turned around.

cat jumps out of a boat

#4 Nice hat cat.

cat with a hat on

#3 No money for you!

cat laying on a ATM machine

#2 Cats being scared is just funny!

scared cats gif

#1 And again!

cats getting scared


We hope you enjoyed our list! Comment below on your favorites!


 By: Andy Harms
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