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Top 15 Clumsy Cats

Posted by Andrew Harms on

15 Not So Graceful Cats

Cats can be really elegant and graceful but some really have a hard time just walking or jumping. We have taken the honor of picking the top 15 most clumsy cats for your amusement! Just picking these had us rolling so we hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

#15 It's funny watching the thought process. 

Clumsy cat

#14 The timing on this just was not the best but hey, it's just a kitten.

 funny kitten falling

#13 This guy was trying to grab some food and couldn't quite get his footing.

graceful kitty

#12 Stop backing up...stop...

Cats on curtain rods

#11 This was not well thought out!

cat in a tub

#10 This kitty just wants to lay down but even that takes a turn.

cat falling off the bed

#9 Not sure what this one was thinking other than getting the balloon string.

Cat fails

#8 This is the slowest cat fall ever.

slow cat fall

#7 How in the world?

cat caught in christmas lights

#6 Watch that first step!

funny cat fail

#5 Almost!

cat misses jump

#4 Hung up?

cat in weird position

#3 This is not the way to teach kittens.

cat parenting fail

#2 When bananas attack!

banana attacks cat

#1 Our top pick says it all!

cat knocking over food

We hoped you enjoyed our top 15 list and make sure to comment your favorite below.


By: Andy Harms
Bow Chicka Meow Meow