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Banana Cat Bed

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Banana Cat Bed Cave

Cat in a banana bed? Crazy huh? These beds are so amazing looking and a great place for your cat (or dog) to hide out or catch up on some sleep. These nifty cat beds come with a piece of velcro to keep the top open or you can separate it to make it closed. These cat caves lead to some adorable photo opportunities. 

Size(S,length,width,height): 15.75"/40 cm, 5.91"/15 cm, 3.94"/10 cm
Size(M,length,width,height): 21.65"/55 cm, 7.87"/20 cm, 5.91"/15 cm
Size(L,length,width,height): 25.59"/65 cm,9.84"/25 cm, 7.09"/18 cm